2.1 You ensure that your telecommunications equipment (to the extent that it is not provided and maintained by us) is in good working order and complies with all applicable standards and approvals so as to enable the provision of the Services.

2.2 You do not use the Services for any improper or unlawful purpose and or in a manner which is offensive or for a purpose which is unlawful, nor do you allow others to do so.

2.3 You pay the charges set out in our bills for the service as notified to you, whether or not the use of the services is authorised by you;

2.4 You comply with this agreement and any reasonable instruction UniverCell gives you relating to the use of this service

2.5 You provide reasonable assistance to UniverCell to enable it to provide the services.

2.6 You meet your payment obligations set out in clause 3.

2.7 You indemnify UniverCell fully against all losses, liabilities, costs (including legal costs) and expenses which we may incur as a result of any breach of your obligations under this agreement or misuse of this Service.

2.8 You provide us with any information that we reasonably request, and permit UniverCell to use that information for Credit Verification and Debt Collection purposes (including disclosure to and use by third parties acting on behalf of UniverCell for such purposes). We may also disclose your telephone number to other licensed telecommunications providers as necessary to allow them to operate emergency, directory, or operator services.

2.9 You promptly notify UniverCell of any changes in your address.

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